September 1st, 2020

September News

Hello everyone! It is so nice to be back to lessons this fall, I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone back whether that be in-person or online, as well as meeting new students. I know this 2020/21 year will be vastly different than all other years here at NSMA, but I am looking forward to continuing our work with each individual student’s musical journey and finding new ways to use technology and social distancing methods to create music together. Below are some important reminders and information for this month as well as looking ahead for this fall semester.

Halloween Recital: Our 2020 Halloween Recital will be held online via our private (and secure!) NSMA YouTube channel. More information will be given later this month or early October.

Business Hours: Sundays/Mondays/Tuesdays 12:00-7:30pm, Wednesdays 2:00-7:30pm and Thursdays 12:30-7:30pm, closed all other days and times. Lessons will be held both online and in-person, please let me know if you have any questions regarding our COVID-19 safety precautions.

Tuition Payment Reminder: Tuition payments are due the first lesson of every month with a grace period until the 10thof the month. If tuition is received after the 10thof the month, a $25.00 late fee will be assessed. Please drop off your payment with your student at lesson, send the payment in the mail or you can drop it off any time in the secure white drop box attached to the mailbox post. Please do not come up to the studio to drop off payment if it is not your student's lesson time, and please do not come up to the main house for any reason. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

New Students: We do have limited availability for new students and also have a wait list started for lessons for the 2020 Fall Semester. As of September 1st, we still have room for new homeschool students! Please contact us at or (907) 500-7455 for more information.

Music Around Town: I normally have a section where I list all of the musical and performing events around town, but sadly none of these are currently being held. I look forward to the future when we can all enjoy musical events together again.

In parting, I again want to thank all of my clients for your continued support and understanding as we work through these times together. Music is a special gift to all of us, and I thank you all for continuing to make music an important part of your life!!