January 1st, 2022

January News

Hello everyone! Happy New Year and welcome to the 2022 Spring Semester here at NSMA! I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season. Here are some important reminders for this month and looking forward to our 2022 Spring Semester!!

Spring Semester: Our 2022 Spring Semester will be January 9 – May 19.

Winter Break: There will be NO LESSONS during Winter Break, from Thursday December 23rd through Saturday January 8th. The 2022 Spring Semester will start with Sunday January 9th with the same schedule as this fall.

March Recital: Our next recital is our Student’s Choice Recital, which will be Music of the 2000’s themed. It will again be a virtual YouTube recital, more information will be sent out in February.

YES To Lessons: We DO have lessons on all one day holidays! That includes Martin Luther King Jr. Day Monday 1/17, President’s Day Monday 2/21, Easter Sunday 4/17 and Mother’s Day Sunday 5/08. Please let me know if you/your student will not be attending lessons that day, the regular cancelation policy will still apply.

March Spring Break: I will be offering optional lessons for the Juneau School District Spring Break Sunday March 22 through Sunday March 27. More information will be given out the first week of February.

Covid-19 Update: I have been fully vaccinated (plus booster!) and am open for in-person voice lessons on a limited basis. In-person voice lessons will only be given to students who have also been full vaccinated, vaccination cards must be provided on both sides if needed. Piano lessons will continue to be offered in-person and voice lessons for unvaccinated people will remain online. I am in direct contact with the lead Infection Preventionist at Bartlett Regional Hospital to ensure that we take every precaution and that the studio is safe for all who have in-person lessons. 

MASKS: Our current Juneau Covid numbers are declining (YAY!), but CBJ still has us in the HIGH risk category. ALL STUDENTS, REGARDLESS OF VACCINATION STATUS AND INSTRUMENT, MUST WEAR A MASK DURING LESSONS. I will be staying on top of the city regulations and will keep everyone updated with any changes.

Online Lessons: Online lessons will only be given to unvaccinated voice students, all other students are required to take in-person lessons. In-person students may only request online lessons due to health/Covid related reasons, no online lessons will be given for any other reason for regularly in-person students.

Tuition Payment Reminder: Tuition payments are due at the first lesson of every month with a grace period until the 10th of the month. If tuition is received after the 10th of the month, a $25.00 late fee will be assessed. Please drop off physical payments with your student at lesson, send in the mail or you can drop it off any time in the secure white drop box attached to the mailbox post. Please do not come up to the studio to drop off payment if it is not your student’s lesson time, and please do not come up to the main house for any reason. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

New Students: We have extremely limited openings for new students for the 2022 Spring Semester, and I do have also a wait list started. Please contact us at megan.e.felts@gmail.com or (907) 500-7455 for more information.

Music Around Town:

The Juneau Symphony will be performing Musician’s Favorites January 29 & 30, please visit their website www.juneausymphony.org for tickets and more information.

I hope to be able to have more live music and theater performances to add back into my monthly updates again soon!!