March 7th, 2013

March News

Hello everyone!

Welcome to spring with NSMA! We have been so busy that the past two months have flown by and I have been remiss in my monthly news updates to you all. Below are some important reminders for everyone regarding lessons.

Vocal Workshop: I am excited to start our annual vocal workshops series by having Karen Allen, local theater director, actor and book editor, join us for a workshop on “Singing and Acting.” It will be held 3/9 from 4:30-8:30pm at Juneau Brass & Wind and costs $20.00 to participate (includes dinner). All students who are interested should be signed up.

Juneau School District Spring Break: The JSD Spring Break is 3/16-3/25. NSMA is doing optional lessons during that time, everyone should be all squared away by now. If you have any last minute changes to make to your Spring Break plans, please contact me asap.

Spring Recital: We have begun preparing for our annual Spring Recital, which will be Sunday May 19 3:00 and 5:30pm. I will be sending home handouts and taking recital time requests 4-6 weeks before the recital. Please make sure to mark your calendars and plan on you and your student being able to attend!

Summer 2013 and Fall 2013 Lessons: In the beginning of April I will be sending out Summer/Fall registration information. Please start thinking about your summer plans now to see if lessons will fit into your schedule. Summer registration will be due by May 19. I will be sending out Fall registration July 1st to those who express interest in continuing in the fall and it will be due by July 31st. Please contact me if you have any questions about how this works for continuing students.

Piano Tuning: Dan and Vada McElrath of Alaska Piano Services (in Anchorage) will be in Juneau to tune, fix and appraise pianos April 8-17. Pianos should be tuned at least once a year, so please make sure your piano is tuned! You can contact them at (907) 529-4584 to make an appointment. If you do, please make sure you tell them you are one of my clients so they will do their best to get you on their schedules.

Reminders: We DO have lessons on ALL Monday holidays. Also, please do not come up to the house if it is not during business hours. If you need to drop off a check, there is a secure drop box attached to the mailbox. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as this is not only my place of business, it is also my home.

If you are a potential new student and are interested in lessons, I do have a wait list for the remainder of the spring as well as for summer lessons. Please fill out the online Registration Form or contact me for more information on NSMA and how to get signed up for the wait list.

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