July 1st, 2013

July News

Hello everyone! What an amazingly beautiful June we had, such incredible weather! Here at NSMA we’re now fully into the swing of summer lessons, which continue through to Saturday August 17th. The month of July brings Fall Registration – please be on the lookout for handouts given in lessons and an email to all continuing 2012/13 students.

Fall Registration: Fall 2013 Registration begins July 1st and will end July 31st. All 2012-2013 current and continuing students (except for those who started this summer) will be given priority registration for fall lessons. Due to my reduced teaching schedule for this fall, I cannot guarantee continuing students a space in my fall lessons roster. Please get your registration requests in to me as soon as possible to help facilitate the scheduling process. Students who started this summer will be given fall registration opportunities in the beginning of August if there is space available.

Summer Cancelation Policy Reminder: Students who are going to miss lessons for family trips/vacations must give written or emailed cancellation notice by the 20th of each month for the next month's lessons (ex: student will be gone June 18, so the cancellation notice is required by May 20th). Failure to give notice by the 20th will result in forfeiture of the lesson(s) and the lesson(s) will not be made up or reimbursed (this does not include those lessons canceled due to serious injury or illness). Those who give cancellation notice by the 20th of each month will either have their lesson made up, if possible, or will not be charged for any canceled lessons on that month's invoice.

Reminders: Please do not come up to the house if it is not during business hours. Business hours for the summer are Saturdays 12:00-7:00pm and Mondays 12:00-7:00pm. NSMA is closed all other days. If you need to drop off a check, there is a white, secure drop box attached to the mailbox post. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as this is not only my place of business, it is also my home.

If you are a potential new student and are interested in lessons, my schedule is now full for summer lessons. Please contact me at megan.e.felts@gmail.com for more information on NSMA and how to sign up on the wait list for fall lessons.

Music Around Town:

The Juneau Lyric Opera’s Mid-Summer Vocal Festival will be July 29-August 10. Rehearsals will be weekday evenings at Northern Lights United Church with a performance August 10th. More information is available at www.juneauopera.org.

Perseverance Theatre’s STAR program for youth ages 10-18 will take place July 8-August 11. More information is available at www.perseverancetheatre.org.

The Juneau Arts and Humanities Council has a running list of community activities available online at www.jahc.org.

That's all for now! Thank you all for continuing to make music an important part of your life!!