Summer 2019 Business Hours (through Aug. 17):

Saturday – 12:00-6:30pm

Sunday – 12:00-7:30pm

Monday – 12:00-7:00pm

Tuesday – CLOSED

Wednesday – CLOSED

Thursday – CLOSED

Friday – CLOSED


Fall 2019 Business Hours (starts Aug. 18):

Sunday 12:00-7:30pm

Sunday – 12:00-7:30pm

Monday – 12:00-7:30pm

Tuesday – 12:00-7:30pm

Wednesday – 12:00-7:30pm

Thursday – 12:00-7:30pm

Friday – CLOSED

Saturday – CLOSED

Please enter quietly as a lesson may be in progress. Please do not come up to the studio if it is not during posted business hours (hours are posted on the front door). If you need to drop off a check, there is a secure white drop box attached to the mailbox post. Please do not at any time come up to the main house as that is my private residence.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.